Web Exercises

Web Exercise #1: Flynn Effect
LO 9.5: Analyze the uses, correlates, and criticisms of intelligence tests.
LO 9.6: Compare two alternative views of intelligence.
Directions: This assignment can be done independently.  Chapter 9 discusses the use of intelligence tests.  Many schools use them to determine who gets accepted into gifted and talented programs or who may need special education services.  One idea of intelligence discussed in your book is the Flynn Effect. Each generation scores higher on intelligence than the one before it.  Why does this happen?  In this exercise, students will watch a TED talk given by James Flynn and answer the provided questions. 
Are we getting smarter?
What is causing the Flynn Effect?
Are these changes positive or negative? Discuss.
Web Exercise #2: Kohlberg’s Dilemmas
LO 9.7: Examine patterns of moral development during middle childhood.
Directions: This assignment can be done independently or in small groups.  Chapter 9 discusses Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.  Children begin by thinking rules are set, cannot be changed or broken, and punishment is swift and justified.  Adults, who reach the highest level, think about what is best for society and social order.  In this exercise, students will view some of the dilemmas presented to participants in Kohlberg’s research.  Read the vignettes, answer the questions, and come to class ready to discuss your answers.  http://ww3.haverford.edu/psychology/ddavis/p109g/kohlberg.dilemmas.html
Web Exercise #3: Helping Students with Special Needs
LO: 9.10: Identify common disabilities that pose educational challenges for children as well as methods of educating children who have special needs.
Directions: This assignment can be done independently or in small groups.  Chapter 9 discusses academic achievement in middle childhood.  Further, it discusses challenges for children who have learning disabilities and methods for teaching children with special needs.  The purpose of this assignment is to teach students about the process of getting help for a child with a special need.  Visit the following websites:
What would be the first thing you would do if you thought your child had special needs?
What is a 504 plan? 
What is an IEP?
How do 504 plans and IEPs help children with special needs?
What are the rights of the child with special needs?
What do you do if you feel your child’s rights are violated?