Multimedia Resources

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LO 18.1. Compare the roles of self-concept, reminiscence, and life review in developing a sense of ego integrity.
Video Resource: What Is a Life Well Lived?
Description: Michael Sandel, Professor of Government at Harvard University, answers this question in the context of global moral traditions and histories.

LO 18.3. Explain the contributions of religion and social support to older adults’ well-being.
Video Resource: Social Support
Description: This short documentary from The Atlantic tells the story of a 98-year-old woman and the social context she lives in.

LO 18.9. Identify types of elder maltreatment and characteristics of victims.
Web Resource: Elder Abuse Prevention
Description: The Administration for Community Living website defines elder abuse, identifies warning signs, and provides resources and links to prevent it.

LO 18.10. Analyze influences on the timing of retirement and adaptation.
Audio Resource: Income Inequality in Retirement
Description: The NPR story discusses how poverty treats men and women unequally, especially in old age.

LO 18.11. Examine the dying process and cultural views surrounding death.
Video Resource: Cultural Views of Death
Description: The TED Talk by anthropologist Kelli Swazey discusses the different ways that death is viewed in various cultures.