Learning Objectives

7.1. Identify patterns of body growth in early childhood.

7.2. Contrast advances in gross and fine motor development and their implications for young children’s development. 

7.3. Distinguish two processes of brain development and the role of plasticity in development. 

7.4. Contrast Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s perspectives on young children’s thinking.

7.5. Discuss changes that occur in attention, episodic memory, and autobiographic memory during early childhood.

7.6. Summarize young children’s awareness and understanding of the mind.

7.7. Describe young children’s developing capacities for language.

7.8. Contrast social learning and cognitive-developmental perspectives on moral development in early childhood.

7.9. Identify and explain two approaches to early childhood education, including their associated outcomes.

7.10. Analyze effects of poverty on development and resources to help families in need.