Multimedia Resources

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LO 13.2. Analyze the range of perspectives on the causes of aging as applied to early adulthood.
Video Resource: Telomeres
Description: The video clip from the Smithsonial Channel uses animation and an expert interview to explain telomeres.

LO 13.3. Examine the contributions of obesity, physical activity, and stress for young adults’ health.
Web Resource: Obesity and Cancer Risk
Description: The Psychology Today article discusses the connection between obesity in early adulthood and pancreatic cancer.

LO 13.5. Discuss the development of postformal reasoning.
Audio Resource: Binge Drinking
Description: The NPR story discusses the rates of binge drinking in U.S. colleges, and strategies that are being used to aim to reduce them.

LO 13.10. Identify influences on vocational choice and occupational expectations in early adulthood.
Web Resource: Vocational Choice
Description: The career research website provides an overview and practical applications of Holland’s theory of vocational choice.