Multimedia Resources

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LO 5.1. Define cognitive schemas, and explain the processes by which infants and toddlers modify their cognitive schemas.
Video Resource: Schemas, Assimilation, and Accommodation
Description: The video provides a visual explanation of Piaget’s concepts of schema, assimilation, accommodation, equilibrium, and disequilibrium.

LO 5.2. Summarize infants’ progression through six substages of sensorimotor reasoning.
Video Resource: How Babies Think
Description: Dr. Alison Gopnik demonstrates through her research that babies and children are conscious of more than originally thought. Babies and children engage in the use of their senses and spend every waking moment discovering, filing away, analyzing, and acting on information about how the world works. The talk promotes understanding of both Piaget’s work on cognition and the information-processing approach to cognition.

LO 5.5. Identify the parts of the information processing system and its function in infancy and toddlerhood.
Web Resource: Information Processing Theory
Description: The web resource describes the information processing approach to cognition in detail, using video clips to illustrate the material. History, development, method, and application are discussed, along with criticisms.

LO 5.6. Describe developmental changes in infants’ capacities for attention and memory.
Video Resource: The Still-Face Experiment
Description: The video provides a demonstration of the "Still Face" Experiment, in which a mother denies her baby attention for a short period of time.

LO 5.7. Examine how infants’ categorization skills change with development.
Web Resource: How Categorization Is Learned
Description: The blog post explains how children learn to categorize and why this is important, and compares typically developing children to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The post also provides examples of how to teach categorization skills to children.

LO 5.8. Discuss how intelligence is measured in infancy and findings regarding infant intelligence.
Video Resource: Bayley Scales of Infant Development
Description: The video demonstrates the administration of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development.

LO 5.9. Explain patterns of language development from birth through infancy and toddlerhood.
Audio Resource: ‘Baby’ Robot Learns Language
Description: The NPR audio clip discusses research on how babies transition from babbling to forming words. It features Dr. Caroline Lyons of the University of Hertfordshire, who is one of the computer scientists who helped design DeeChee, the robot used in the research. The story compares the robot with actual children in terms of language acquisition.