Learning Objectives

1.1. Outline five principles of the lifespan developmental perspective.

1.2. Explain three theoretical controversies about human development.

1.3. Differentiate Freud’s psychosexual theory from Erikson’s psychosocial theory.

1.4. Distinguish operant and classical conditioning from social learning.

1.5. Compare Piaget’s cognitive-developmental theory and information processing theory.

1.6. Contrast sociocultural systems theories and evolutionary perspectives on development.

1.7. Compare self-report and observational methods of collecting information about participants.

1.8. Contrast the uses of correlational and experimental research.

1.9. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of cross-sectional, longitudinal, and sequential research designs.

1.10. Discuss the responsibility of researchers to their participants and how they may protect them from harm.