Learning Objectives

5.1. Define cognitive schemas, and explain the processes by which infants and toddlers modify their cognitive schemas.
5.2. Summarize infants’ progression through six substages of sensorimotor reasoning.

5.3. Explain the development of object permanence during the sensorimotor period.

5.4. Discuss the core knowledge perspective as it applies to infancy and toddlerhood. 

5.5. Identify the parts of the information processing system and its function in infancy and toddlerhood.

5.6. Describe developmental changes in infants’ capacities for attention and memory. 

5.7. Examine how infants’ categorization skills change with development.

5.8. Discuss how intelligence is measured in infancy and findings regarding infant intelligence. 

5.9. Explain patterns of language development from birth through infancy and toddlerhood.

5.10. Contrast learning, nativist, and interactionist perspectives on language.