Learning Objectives

11.1. Compare and contrast Hall’s storm and stress perspective with popular views and research evidence.
11.2. Explain the physical changes that occur with puberty and their psychosocial effects.

11.3. Analyze the influence of pubertal timing on adolescent development. 

11.4. Discuss the effects of sleep and nutrition on adolescent functioning.

11.5. Explain the neurological developments that take place in adolescence and their effect on behavior.

11.6. Identify ways in which thinking changes in adolescence. 

11.7. Discuss how cognitive development is reflected in adolescent decision making and behavior.

11.8. Outline the developmental progression of moral reasoning, factors that influence it, and its link with behavior. 

11.9. Analyze criticisms of Kohlberg’s moral development theory.

11.10. Describe the challenges that school transitions pose for adolescents and the role of parents in academic achievement.