Multimedia Resources

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LO 10.1. Explain three ways in which the sense of self changes in middle childhood.
Video Resource: Kids Need Structure
Description: In this TED Talk, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell talks about the importance of instilling a sense of community and responsibility in young children.

LO 10.4. Compare the characteristics of bullies and victims, how parent and school factors contribute to bullying, and outcomes of bullying.
Web Resource:
Description:  This website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides resources to help parents, educators, community, teens, and kids know and stop bullying.

LO 10.5. Discuss changes in family relationships during middle childhood.
Web Resource: Strengthening Family Relationships
Description:  This web resources from the nonprofit Advocates for Youth offers resources for strengthening parent-child communication, loyalty, commitment, coping ability, and more.

LO 10.9. Discuss common manifestations of anxiety in middle childhood.
Web Resource: School Refusal
Description:  This web resource from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America discusses school refusal as a form of anxiety.

LO 10.11. Analyze the role of resilience in promoting adjustment, including characteristics of children and contexts that promote resilience.
Audio Resource: Resilience in Millennials
Description: This audio story offers a millennial’s perspective on millennial children, their parents, and resilience.