Video Cases

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LO 11.7. Discuss how cognitive development is reflected in adolescent decision making and behavior.

Video Case:
Coming of Age: Bat Mitzvah

Questions to Consider:

  1. Rachel’s bat mitzvah represents a rite of passage, or a celebration indicating a significant change of status. For children who live in the United States but are not Jewish, what might be some other rites of passage that they experience?
  2. How might culture influence rites of passage?

LO 11.10. Describe the challenges that school transitions pose for adolescents and the role of parents in academic achievement.

Video Case:
Transition to Middle School

Questions to Consider:

  1. Think about some of the characteristics of the middle school transition that these students shared. How would these changes relate to a decline in academic achievement and motivation that happens for many students at the start of middle school?
  2. Why might staying in a K-8 school rather than a middle school have academic benefits for students?