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LO 16.2. Analyze the theoretical and empirical support for the midlife crisis.

Strenger, C. (2009). Sosein: Active self-acceptance in midlife. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 49(1), 46-65.

Summary/abstract excerpt: The article discusses two cultural myths about midlife and the midlife crisis.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Are the two myths discussed in the article actually myths?
  2. What is “active self-acceptance”?
  3. What is Sosein and what is its significance in this discussion?
  4. Why is active self-acceptance important in our current historical period?

LO 16.9. Examine retirement planning and its effects in adjustment to retirement.

Article 2: Post, C., Schneer, J. A., Reitman, F., & Ogilvie, D. (2012). Pathways to retirement: A career stage analysis of retirement age expectations. Human Relations, 66(1), 87-112.

Summary/abstract excerpt: The article examines retirement intentions at different career stages.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What are the four career stages proposed by Super (1957)? Levinson? Dalton and Thompson? How do they perceive retirement in their viewpoints of adult career development?
  2. What are the predictors for those who choose to retire early? Late?
  3. What is the perception of retirement in our society today?