Learning Objectives

9.1. Summarize patterns of physical and motor development during middle childhood. 

9.2. Analyze common health issues facing school-age children, including associated risk factors.

9.3. Discuss school-age children’s capacities for reasoning as well as cultural differences in patterns of development.

9.4. Explain changes in children’s information processing capacities and thinking.

9.5. Analyze the uses, correlates, and criticisms of intelligence tests.

9.6. Compare two alternative views of intelligence.

9.7. Examine patterns of moral development during middle childhood.

9.8. Discuss language development during middle childhood and its implications for capacities for communication.

9.9. Examine patterns of academic achievement in reading, mathematics, and second languages. 

9.10. Identify common disabilities that pose educational challenges for children as well as methods of educating children who have special needs.