Multimedia Resources

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LO 8.5. Describe the effects of discipline on children’s development.
Audio Resource: Physical Discipline
Description: The audio story is about Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who was indicted on charges of child abuse for hitting his son with a tree branch. Robert Siegel talks to Elizabeth Gershoff, professor of human ecology at the University of Texas at Austin, about the history of corporal punishment.

LO 8.7. Summarize findings regarding gender differences during early childhood.
Web Resource: Gender Identity Development
Description: The web article discusses gender identity development and how parents can support their children’s exploration of gender identity.

LO 8.7. Summarize findings regarding gender differences during early childhood.
Video Resource: Gender Orientation
Description: In this TED Talk, kindergarten teacher Batya Greenwald speaks from over a decade of experience to help promote a better understanding of gender identity in young children.