Video Cases

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LO 4.1. Identify two patterns of growth during infancy.

Video Case:
Body Proportions in Infancy and Early Childhood

Questions to Consider:

  1. Why is this particular task so much easier for 4-year-old Abigail than for 13-month-old London?
  2. What implications does this have for Abigail’s gross motor skills as compared to London’s gross motor skills?

LO 4.9. Summarize milestones in infant and toddler motor development.

Video Case:
Motor Development in Infancy

Questions to Consider:

  1. How are the gross motor skills of 10-month-old Damian different from the gross motor skills of 5-month-old Marlee?
  2. Once Damian is independently walking, how might this impact his cognitive and socioemotional development?