Learning Objectives

14.1. Discuss markers of emerging adulthood and the role of context in shaping this period.

14.2. Explore intimacy development and the influence of the social clock on adjustment. 

14.3. Compare and contrast influences on friendship and mate selection.

14.4. Identify characteristics of intimate violence, influences on violence, and ways of addressing it. 

14.5. Contrast the correlates of singlehood and cohabitation.

14.6. Discuss the transition to marriage and predictors of marital success and divorce. 

14.7. Examine the effects of parenthood on young adults.

14.8. Compare and contrast the experience of stepparents, never-married parents, and same-sex parents. 

14.9. Discuss the experience of women and minorities in the workplace. 

14.10. Examine the interaction of work and family on young adults’ adjustment.