Learning Objectives

4.1. Identify two patterns of growth during infancy.
4.2. Discuss the role of feeding and nutrition in the growth of infants and toddlers.

4.3. Explain four processes of infants’ and toddlers’ neural development. 

4.4. Analyze the role of experience in neural development. 

4.5. Compare infants’ early learning capacities for habituation, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning. 

4.6. Evaluate infants’ capacities for imitation. 

4.7. Contrast the development of infants’ visual and auditory capacities. 

4.8. Discuss infants’ capacities for intermodal perception. 

4.9. Summarize milestones in infant and toddler motor development. 

4.10. Analyze the roles of maturation and contextual factors in infant and toddler motor development.