Multimedia Resources

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LO 16.1. Compare Erikson’s and Levinson’s perspectives of the psychosocial tasks of middle adulthood.
Video Resource: The Psychology of Your Future Self
Description: Is the person you are right now the person you’ll be for the rest of your life? In this TED Talk, Dan Gilbert shares new research that sheds light on the answer.

LO 16.6. Discuss marital satisfaction, risks for divorce, and outcomes of divorce in midlife.
Audio Resource: Sex and Happiness
Description: The NPR story discusses how one’s sex life in adulthood is related to happiness.

LO 16.8. Characterize job satisfaction during the midlife years.
Web Resource: More Than Job Satisfaction
Description: The article from the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology discusses the meaning of our work lives and how people can find meaning in any job.