Multimedia Resources

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LO 2.1. Explain how chromosomes, genes, DNA, and the genome relate to one another.
Web Resource: Treating Down Syndrome
Description: The Pacific Standard article highlights groundbreaking research that explains how it may be possible to treat Down Syndrome using a "gene hack."

LO 2.2. Identify and compare two processes of cell reproduction.
Video Resource: Mitosis vs. Meiosis
Description: The video explains the difference between the two processes of cell reproduction – meiosis and mitosis – and thoroughly explains how cell reproduction occurs. The concept of crossing over, as discussed in the text, is explained using 3D animation.

LO 2.4. Contrast four processes of genetic inheritance.
Web Resource: Interactive: Dominant Genes
Description: The PBS website provides an interactive illustration adapted from the Dolan DNA Learning Center demonstrating the principle of gene dominance.

LO 2.5. Provide examples of diseases that illustrate dominant–recessive and X-linked inheritance.
Web Resource: X-Linked Inheritance
Description: The learning website provides an excellent explanation (using visuals) of both recessive and dominant x-linked inheritance. The website also provides links to other concepts discussed in Chapter 2.

LO 2.8. Describe the methods and major findings of behavior genetics.
Audio Resource: Behavioral Genetics
Description: The audio story thoroughly describes behavioral genetics and provides an excellent summary of the material in Chapter 2.