Chapter Outline

Carefully crafted outlines follow the structure of each chapter, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.

See pages: 334-366

Operations Profile: Process Redesign at Mars: Moving Toward Sustainability and Social Responsibility

            Designing, Selecting, and Redesigning Manufacturing Processes

                        Basic Process Types

                        Mass Customization Processes

                        Process Selection Decisions

            Designing Service Processes

                        Classifying Processes Within the Service Process Design Matrix

                        Positioning and Repositioning Processes Within the Service Process Design Matrix

                        Using Technology to Improve Service Processes

            Designing Processes for Supply Chains

                        Classifying Manufacturing Processes by the Degree of Product Customization

                        Mapping Manufacturing Methods Across Supply Chains

            Global Process Design

            Layout Planning

                        The Strategic Nature of Layout Decisions

                        Basic Types of Layouts

                        Other Types of Layouts

Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Facing Declining Sales, Subway Redesigns Their Stores

            Legal, Ethical, and Sustainability Issues

                        Chapter Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions


                        Case Study 9.1: Sustainable Food Development: The Future Is Looking Up

                        Video Case

                        Critical Thinking Exercises