Learning Objectives

After studying this chapter, you should be able to:

11.1: Identify the components of an integrated logistics management system.

11.2: List the steps in the order fulfillment process.

11.3: Identify the decisions involved in transportation management.

11.4: Describe the role of packaging in the transport, distribution, storage, sale, and use of goods.

11.5: Discuss the critical role materials handling plays in a logistics system.

11.6: Name the different types of warehouses and their functions.

11.7: Explain why good inventory management is important to logistics management.

11.8: Discuss the importance of facilities network design in a logistics system.

11.9: Discuss the unique challenges of managing global logistics.

11.10: Explain why companies outsource their logistics function.

11.11: Describe the unique logistical needs and challenges in the service sector.

11.12: Explain how sustainability issues are affecting the decisions made in logistics.