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Sales and Operations Planning
In this TEDx talk, Ray Burke discusses how companies track customers' behaviors.
LO 17.1 Describe the basic ideas behind sales and operations planning.

The Planning Process
In this video, the VP of L'Oréal's Luxe US Market Supply Chain discusses the function of planning in maximizing profitability for the company and their retailers.
LO 17.3 Demonstrate the sales and operations planning process and its key features.

Influencing Demand
In this TED talk, Joe Sanchis describes how queueing systems can influence demand.
LO 17.4 Compare the options for influencing demand and supply in implementing a sales and operations plan.

The Cambridge Industries Group's manufacturing facility in China relies on robots rather than people in numerous positions; this means that the strategy can be more flexible as demand fluctuates and workers shift into industries other than manufacturing.
LO 17.5 Identify alternative sales and operations planning strategies for product families.

S&OP for Services
Florists in Pennsylvania dealt with a snowy Valentine's Day, their busiest day of the year.
LO 17.8 Describe sales and operations planning for service firms.

Ethics in S&OP
This video explains the ethical and legal issues with regard to prison labor.
LO 17.10 Describe the ethical issues that can arise in sales and operations planning.

Web Links

An Unusual Strategy
This article details an unusual strategy that Softsoap used to disrupt the supply chain for competitors and gain market share for itself.
LO 17.2 Describe the benefits of sales and operations planning.

S&OP in the Supply Chain
This article about Kerry, a nutrition company, shows how implementing an S&OP program can be both challenging and rewarding.
LO 17.7 Explain the benefits of sales and operations planning in supply chains.

Sales Carbon Operations Planning
This article from Forbes discusses the role of sustainability in Sales & Operations Planning.
LO 17.9 Detail the importance of sales carbon operations planning.