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Video Links

Goals of Supplier Management
This video explains what supply chain management actually is.
LO 10.1: Identify the goals of supplier management.

Strategic Sourcing
In this video, a Whole Foods chairman describes the company's strategy in sourcing.
LO 10.2a: Describe the tasks of the supplier management process.

Working with Service Providers
In this video, IBM Business Partner BroadSoft discusses how IBM's Cloud Services provide superior service management solutions for their service provider.
LO 10-3: Evaluate the issues involved in managing service providers.

Global Supplier Management
In this video, a leader of Shell discusses how working collaboratively with suppliers enables the company to enact their vision.
LO 10.4: Describe the unique challenges involved in managing global suppliers.

Web Links

An Ethical Supply Chain
This article describes Dannon's focus on sustainability in their supply chain.
LO 10.5: Identify some reasons why firms actively promote ethically and socially responsible behavior in supplier management.