Multimedia Resources

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Audio Link

Product Shortages
This audio clip describes Lululemon's supply chain issues which have led to product shortages.
LO 15.3 Examine the role of inventory in an organization’s supply chain.

Video Links

Types of Inventory
This video walks through different types of inventory throughout the supply chain.
LO 15.1 Identify the various types of inventory.

Meeting Demand
This video gives a quick overview of inventory management.
LO 15.3 Examine the role of inventory in an organization’s supply chain.

Measuring Inventory Management
This video from Tech Insider shows how Amazon's warehouses for the Prime Now service use technology to reduce the order fulfillment lead time and increase the inventory accuracy rate.
LO 15.4 Use inventory management measures to determine the efficiency of an inventory system.

The Bullwhip Effect
This short video gives an overview of the bullwhip effect.
LO 15.6 Identify the causes of the bullwhip effect and other causes of uncertainty in supply chain inventories.

Web Links

Ethics in Inventory Management
This FBI press release details the inventory fraud committed by the former Vice President of Rite Aid.
LO 15.7 Explain how companies can include sustainability and ethical practices in inventory management.

Inventory Management in the Service Sector
This inventory management case study examines how a hospital reduced costs and improved care.
LO 15.9 Describe how service firms apply inventory management methods to their operations.