Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Project Life Cycles
This animation shows how project life cycles move from one stage to another.
LO 3.2: Identify the stages of the typical life cycle of a product.

The Importance of Planning
This animated video shows the importance of planning in the project management process.
LO 3.3: Explain how scope management techniques, statement-of-work documents, work breakdown structures, and risk management principles enable firms to conceptualize, plan, and organize projects.

Global Project Management
This video from the World Health Organization shows how the WHO took on the project of fighting the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.
LO 3.8: Discuss issues related to global project management.

Audio Links

Closing Out a Project
This audio file discusses the value a concluding project meeting to discuss lessons learned upon completion of the project. 
LO 3.6: Demonstrate how to execute, track, and terminate projects.

Web Links

Triple Constraint
When the 1994 Northridge earthquake damaged a Southern California interstate highway, the city considered triple constraints and prioritized timing over budget.
LO 3.1: Describe the importance of projects to a firm, identify the people and teams that work on projects, and list the qualities that make a project successful.

Example of Fabrication

This article examines how glass is made for use in building skyscrapers.
LO 3.5: Identify the main supply chain activities of a project and the qualities that should be considered when designing the project’s supply chain.

Sustainability in Project Management
This photo essay depicts an unusual project: rebuilding a castle from the 13th century using the techniques of 800 years ago.
LO 3.7: Identify the critical steps in planning for sustainability in projects.