Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Inventory Control
This video from The Home Depot describes how employees in inventory management support the business goals.

Basic EOQ Model
This screencast video shows how to use Excel to set up and solve a problem with the EOQ model.
LO 16.1 Describe the Basic Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model, its assumptions, and use the model to solve problems.

The EPQ Model
This Excel screencast video shows how to use Excel to find the Economic Production Quantity (EPQ).
LO 16.2 Utilize the Economic Production Quantity (EPQ) to solve problems.

Periodic Review
This animated video walks through how to determine stock level with periodic review.
LO 16.5 Explain periodic review systems, and work typical problems.

Single-Period Inventory
This video uses the example of a weekly journal publication to explain a single period inventory system.
LO 16.6 Discuss single period inventory systems, and work typical problems.

Web Links

Quantity Discounts
This article from HBR suggests situations when volume discounts make the most sense.
LO 16.3 Solve problems using the EOQ model with quantity discounts.

The Reorder Point
This online reorder point calculator allows you to input daily sales, lead time, and safety stock to determine the reorder point.
LO 16.4 Discuss the various reorder point models, and work typical problems.