Multimedia Resources

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Manufacturing Resource Planning
This video from an MRP software company shows how MRP II can help make decisions about how much to produce based on the production cost.
LO 18S.2 Identify the features of an MRP II system and its benefits.

Enterprise Resource Planning
This animated video details the multifaceted functions of an ERP system.
LO 18S.3 Describe an ERP system and its common modules, its benefits, and its drawbacks.

Resource Planning and the Supply Chain
This video from IKEA describes how they work with suppliers to keep items in stock at low prices.
LO 18S.4 Identify the effects of MRP, MRP II, and the ERP systems on supply chains.

Web Links

Capacity and Load
This article describes the Ford CEO's location decisions based on capacity planning.
LO 18S.1 Describe the features of a CRP system.

Distribution Requirements Planning
This article describes key elements of a DRP system.
LO 18S.5 Describe the features of a DRP system.

ERP Systems and Sustainability
This article shows how an ERP can help promote sustainability through the supply chain in the food industry.
LO 18S.6 Describe how ERP systems can promote sustainability