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Transporting Goods
This audio clip discusses a new approach to transportation management.
LO 11.3: Identify the decisions involved in transportation management.

Video Links

Order Fulfillment
This video of the VAN DYK Recycling Solutions' warehouse in Connecticut provides a demonstration of their order fulfillment process.
LO 11.2: List the steps in the order fulfillment process.

Security and Packaging
In news coverage from 1982, a reporter describes the Tylenol poisoning that led to safety seals on medicine.
LO 11.4: Describe the role of packaging in the transport, distribution, storage, sale, and use of goods.

In the Warehouse
This video shows how the Converse distribution centers in California use automated and synchronized systems to efficiently move products to the shipping docks.
LO 11.6: Name the different types of warehouses and their functions.

Managing Inventory
This video of the OfficeMax distribution center in Auckland describes how the team uses technology to effectively manage inventory.
LO 11.7: Explain why good inventory management is important to logistics management.

Facilities Networks
This video on optimizing facilities looks at the advantages and disadvantages of various layouts.
LO 11.8: Discuss the importance of facilities network design in a logistics system.

Logistics for Services
This video takes a look at how FedEx handles logistics during the Christmas rush.
LO 11.11: Describe the unique logistical needs and challenges in the service sector.

Web Links

Integrated Logistics Management
This article describes how one might find an integrated logistics services partner.
LO 11.1: Identify the components of an integrated logistics management system.

Materials Handling
This article about materials handling shows how new technology affects efficiency.
LO 11.5: Discuss the critical role materials handling plays in a logistics system.

Logistics Outsourcing
This article describes reasons for using a third party logistics provider and strategic considerations for using the service and maintaining the relationship.
LO 11.10: Explain why companies outsource their logistics function.

Sustainable Packaging
Walmart has adopted a "Sustainable Packaging Playbook" to outline its priorities for vendors.
LO 11.12: Explain how sustainability issues are affecting the decisions made in logistics.

Critical Thinking Exercise

Use the link below to review the article in the Critical Thinking exercise in your book.

Amazon Logistics Services – The Future of Logistics