Multimedia Resources

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Implementing the Toyota Production System
An episode of This American Life shows how implementing the TPS at the Nummi plant helped improve production.
LO 14.1 Define lean operations.

Video Links

Lean Practices
This video shows a time-lapse of a team of nurses cleaning their supply room in accordance with the 5S's of lean.
LO 14.2 Describe the philosophy of lean systems.

A Lean Supply Chain
This video shows how John Deere's supply chain has become leaner as its relationship with suppliers changed.
LO 14.5 Identify the characteristics of a lean supply chain.

Sustainability and Lean Systems
In this TEDx talk, Paul Lightfood, CEO of BrightFarms, shares his work into making the food supply chain more efficient and more profitable for his company.
LO 14.7 Discuss how sustainability initiatives can be considered to be an extension of the lean philosophy.

Web Links

Lean Services
This article describes how principles of lean used in the service industry can help a company be more successful and efficient.
LO 14.4 Apply lean ideas to service operations.

A Global Supply Chain
This article from MIT Sloan describes the value of lean in a global supply chain.
LO 14.6 Explain why it is so difficult to make global supply chains lean.

Critical Thinking Exercises

  1. Oracle
  2. GE
  3. Kanban Logistics