Chapter Outline

Carefully crafted outlines follow the structure of each chapter, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.

See pages: 32-67

Operations Profile: Chubbies’ Supply Chain Strategy Keeps the Fun in Short-Shorts

            Levels of Strategic Planning

                        Corporate Strategy

                        Business-Unit Strategies

                        Functional Strategies

            Formulating and Evaluating Operations Strategies

                        Critical Elements of an Operations Strategy

                        Maintaining the Fit Among Critical Elements

                        Strategic Structural and Infrastructural Decisions

                        Evaluating the Performance of an Operations Strategy

            Formulating and Evaluating Strategies for S_ervice Organizations

                        Strategic Positioning

                        Formulating the Service Operations Strategy

                        Tactical Execution

                        Continuous Service Improvement

            Measuring Productivity as Part of Strategic Planning

                        Types of Productivity Measures and Their Uses

                        Factors Affecting Productivity

                        Steps to Improving Productivity

                        Measuring Productivity in the Service Sector

Operations Profile: Lessons Learned: Bigger Ships, More Cargo, Bigger Headaches!

            Strategies for Supply Chains

                        Formulating Supply Chain Strategies

                        Evaluating the Performance of a Supply Chain Strategy

            Global Strategies

                        Integrating Operations and Supply Chain Strategies

                        Risk Management Strategies

            Sustainability Issues

                        Chapter Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions

                        Solved Problems


                        Case Study 2.1: Supply Chain Strategies and Disaster Planning

                        Video Case

                        Critical Thinking Exercises