Chapter Outline

Carefully crafted outlines follow the structure of each chapter, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.

See pages 788-827


Operations Profile: Scheduling at Walt Disney World: FastPass and Waiting for Rides

            What Detailed Scheduling Is

            Types of Scheduling For Manufacturers

                        Line Process Scheduling

                        Intermittent Process Scheduling

                        Sequencing N Jobs Through Two Machines: Johnson’s Rule

            Why Scheduling Is Complex

                        Theory of Constraints

Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Fixing Manufacturing Processes at Hitachi Tools

            Scheduling in the Service Sector

                        Workforce Scheduling

            Scheduling for Supply Chains

            Ethical and Sustainability Issues

                        Chapter Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions

                        Solved Problems


                        Case Study 19.1: Telling Umpires Where To Go!

                        Video Case

                        Critical Thinking Exercises