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Video Links

What Is Detailed Scheduling?
Dr. Chris Hill of the University of Utah shares his experience scheduling football games.
LO 19.1 Define detailed scheduling

Gantt Charts
This video gives a quick overview on how to draw a Gantt chart.
LO 19-2 Demonstrate the main types of scheduling and show when each type should be employed

Theory of Constraints
This video gives an overview of the theory of constraints, showing how to break bottlenecks.
LO 19.3 Explain why scheduling is complex

Scheduling in the Service Sector
This video shares the story of the OSU Medical Center, which improved its appointment scheduling to make it more efficient.
LO 19.4 Describe the scheduling methods used in service organizations

Web Links

Supply Chain Scheduling
This academic journal article examines sequence coordination in supply chain scheduling.
LO 19.5 Describe supply chain scheduling

Issues in Scheduling
This article argues that the hours doctors work come at too high a human cost.
LO 19.6 Explain how companies can make scheduling decisions to promote sustainability