Chapter Outline

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Operations Profile: How Some Companies Deal With Waiting Lines

            Introduction to Waiting Line Models

                        Cost Implications of Managing Waiting Lines

                        Characteristics of Waiting Lines

                        Customer Population

                        Arrival Pattern

                        Queue Size and Discipline

                        Service System Structure

                        Service Pattern

                        Measuring Performance of Waiting Line Systems

            Queuing Models

                        Model I: Single-Channel or Single-Server Queuing Model

                        Model II: Single-Channel or Server, Constant Service Rate Queuing Model

                        Model III: Multiple-Channel or Multiple-Server Queuing Model

                        Little's Law

                        Model IV: Finite Population Queuing Model

                        Other Considerations in Waiting Line Systems

                        Module Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions

                        Solved Problems


                        Case Study C. 1: The Psychology of Waiting in Lines