Chapter Outline

Carefully crafted outlines follow the structure of each chapter, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.

See pages: 272-300

Operations Profile: For its Capacity Planning, UPS asks Retailers to Help Out

            Capacity Planning

                        The Strategic Importance of Capacity Decisions

                        Types of Capacity and Capacity Measurements

                        Strategies for Capacity Planning

                        The Capacity Planning Process

            Service Capacity Planning

                        Factors Influencing Service Capacity

                        Capacity Planning for Services

            Capacity Planning for Supply Chains

Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Pratt and Whitney Battles Capacity and Supply Chain Problems for a New Jet Engine

                        Demand Uncertainty

                        Technological Uncertainty

                        Supply Uncertainty

                        A Framework for Strategic Supply Chain Capacity Planning

            Ethical and Sustainability Issues

Consider This 7.1: Working to End Child Labor

            Global Capacity Management

                        Chapter Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions

                        Solved Problems


                        Case Study 7.1: Kirwain’s Capacity Planning Challenge

                        Video Case

                        Critical Thinking Exercises