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Video Links

Forecasting as a Career

Meredith Skeeters, Manager of Demand Planning at L'Oreal, describes how she provides analytics to help forecast demand.
LO 13.1: Demonstrate the importance of forecasting for business operations

Forecasting Accuracy
This video walks through how to forecast using the moving averages of MAD, MSE, and MAPE.
LO 13.4 Use the four forecast error measures to track forecast accuracy

Web Links

Good Forecasts
This article suggests several rules for forecasting.
LO 13.2: Recognize the characteristics of good forecasts

Tracking Signals
This article describes how tracking signals help operations managers understand forecasting errors.
LO 13.5 Employ the methods used to monitor and control forecasts

Forecasting and Ethics
This classic article from 1977 looks at the unethical decisions made by Ford Pinto's leadership, informed by the data they considered during forecasting.
LO 13.7 Illustrate the role ethics and ethical decision-making can play in selecting and using forecasting models