Chapter Outline

Carefully crafted outlines follow the structure of each chapter, providing an essential reference and teaching tool.

See pages: 218-271

Operations Profile: Automated Quality Control at Electronic Arts – Avoiding the Effects of “Crunch”

            Quality Control Versus Quality Assurance

            Quality Appraisal Tools

                        Check Sheets


                        Pareto Charts

                        Scatter Diagrams

                        Cause-and-Effect Diagrams (Fishbone Diagrams)

                        Process Flowcharts

            Quality Defect Prevention Tools

                        Statistical Process Control (SPC)

                        Control Charts

                        Process Capability Analysis

                        Revisiting Six Sigma: Calculating Six Sigma Quality of a Process

            Quality Design Tools

                        The Taguchi Method (Robust Design)

                        Chapter Summary

                        Key Terms

                        Discussion and Review Questions

                        Solved Problems


                        Case Study 6.1: J.D. Power Automobile Surveys: What Does “Quality” Mean, Anyway?

                        Video Case

                        Critical Thinking Exercise