Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 9.1: Private Speech

Description: Do children think before they have words? This discussion focuses on the role of private speech in Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development.

Audio 9.2: The “Word Gap” Between Rich and Poor

Description: This podcast showcases efforts to help families and communities close the vocabulary gap between high- and low-SES preschoolers. The gap relates to longer term achievement lags.

Video Resources

Video 9.1: From First Sounds to First Words

Description: This video reinforces the textbook’s discussion of language development during the first year of life.

Video 9.2: Real-Life Broca’s Aphasia

Description: The clip features an interview with an individual with Broca’s aphasia.

Web Resources

Web 9.1: Social Communication Disorder

Description: This page describes social communication disorder (SCD), an impairment in the pragmatic use of language. SCD is distinguished from autistic spectrum disorder.

Web 9.2: Baby Talk Boosts Baby Brains

Description: This well-researched article reviews several ways that infant-directed speech facilitates brain development and language acquisition among infants. Two very brief (30–90 s) video clips are included as illustrations.