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Journal Article1: Chivalry

Description: The social norm of chivalry--amely, that women should be protected from harm--is investigated empirically. In the context of hypothetical moral dilemmas, women are more readily protected from harm and more often benefit from costly altruism than are their male counterparts.

Journal Article 2: Physical Discipline, Parenting Style, and Adjustment in Adolescents

Description: Retrospective reports from adolescents suggest that authoritative parenting is not characterized by the absence of physical punishment, as is often assumed, but instead by age-delimited physical punishment. The authors offer several reasons for the discrepancy between their results and those of previous work.

Journal Article 3: Conduct Disorder: A Research Review

Description: This review extends the textbook’s mention of conduct disorder. The authors find important differences between child- and adolescent-onset conduct disorder, and traces several pathways to the disorder involving different risk factors.