Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 15.1: Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Description: Business consultants discuss the ways that millennial men may reshape organizations by increasing diversity and by encouraging more family-friendly policies.

Video Resources

Video 15.1: A Head Start Success Story

Description: California Congressperson Loretta Sanchez describes “how her Mexican American mother helped pave her path to the U.S. Congress by enrolling her in the first Head Start class in her community in 1965.”

Video 15.2: College in Midlife: Worth the Risk?

Description: The segment contrasts the experiences of two women who went to college in their 40s. The college-in-midlife decision may be seen as “high risk, high reward.”

Web Resources

Web 15.1: The Myth of Meritocracy

Description: This article reports the results of a study showing that marginalized youth who internalize the belief that American society is a meritocracy show a decline in self-esteem and an increase in risky behavior during the middle school years. A video concerning school integration also appears on the page.

Web 15.2: Holland Occupational Themes

Description: This page gives students the opportunity to take a Holland occupational themes inventory.