Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 2.1: Sickle Cell Disease: What You Should Know

Description: This podcast expands on the textbook’s discussion of sickle cell anemia by providing general information about the disorder.

Audio 2.2: Amniocentesis

Description: A synopsis of prenatal development between weeks 17 and 20 is provided, followed by a discussion of the purpose and procedure of amniocentesis.

Video Resources

Video 2.1: Iceland’s Down Syndrome Dilemma

Description: “From 2007 to 2015, every single pregnant woman in Iceland terminated a fetus with Down syndrome following a positive diagnosis during prenatal screening.” This news segment explores the reasons for this shocking fact, and explores its ethical implications.

Video 2.2: Just Alike: Twins Separated at Birth

Description: This news segment highlights the similarities between identical twins separated at birth, thereby underscoring the contribution of “nature” or “nurture” to thought and behavior.

Web Resources

Web 2.1: Study of Holocaust Survivors Finds Trauma Passed on to Children’s Genes

Description: A stunning example of the power of epigenetic influences. The experience of trauma associated with the Holocaust appears to affect a gene involved in physiological responses to stress, thereby influencing the stress responses of members of the subsequent generation.

Web 2.2: Nevada Campaign Urges Marijuana Abstinence During Pregnancy

Description: The relaxation of marijuana laws means more pregnant women are using the drug. However, even moderate use of the drug may have teratogenic effects on a developing fetus--effects that persist through childhood.