Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 7.1: The Central Executive

Description: This brief podcast focuses on the role of the central executive in the classic Baddeley and Hitch model of working memory. Students might be encouraged to listen to the many brief, psychology-related podcasts available from this page.

Audio 7.2: Brain Injury and Theory of Mind

Description: A developmental neuropsychologist describes the effect of traumatic brain injury on the development of theory of mind in children.

Video Resources

Video 7.1: Infant Habituation

Description: The video of habituation and looking-time techniques should bring the concepts into relief for students.

Video 7.2: A Structure for Thinking

Description: This article and accompanying video showcase a project aimed at encouraging the development of metacognitive skills among fourth graders.

Video 7.3: An Animated Look at the Teenage Brain

Description: This brief video offers a refreshing, wholly animated treatment of brain development during adulthood.

Web Resources

Web 7.1: Adolescent Thinking: Risk-Taking or Exploration?

Description: Contemporary psychology usually views adolescent impulsivity as a frontal lobe deficit. This article takes a different, more positive view: Drawing on evolutionary psychology, the author suggests that adult impulsivity reflects the adaptive exploration of the world.