Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 11.1: Boosting Self-Esteem in Children and Teens

Description: This podcast argues that young children aren’t always “naturally” self-confident and optimistic, as one might assume. Suggestions are given to help parents encourage these traits in the children.

Audio 11.2: Erikson’s 8 Stages

Description: Auditory learners may benefit from this podcast reviewing Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

Video Resources

Video 11.1: The Rouge Test

Description: This clip simply illustrates the rouge test to make the text’s discussion of self-concept come alive--with cute kids.

Web Resources

Web 11.1: Building Self-Esteem as an Adult

Description: This article offers tips for building one’s self-esteem as an adult--written in straightforward, sometimes irreverent language. A video making the case for “radical vanity” is also offered!

Web 11.2: What’s Your Identity Status?

Description: A PDF file containing a Marcia identity status questionnaire and scoring instructions.