Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 10.1: Emotional Regulation in Children

Description: This podcast reviews emotional regulation among young infants, then offers tips for parents and caregivers hoping to encourage the development of self-regulation and coping skills.

Audio 10.2: Teenage Mood Swings

Description: This podcast reports research in Nature Neuroscience showing that a specific hormone called THP amplifies feelings and magnifies anxiety among adolescents, despite having a calming effect among adults.

Audio 10.3: Temperament

Description: An overview of the nine temperament traits and their relationship to the three basic temperament types. A video of still pictures accompanies the review. The coverage is similar to that in the text, but the podcast may benefit students with auditory learning styles.

Video Resources

Video 10.1: Coping with College

Description: A comedic take on the coping skills students might need in college.

Video 10.2: The Strange Situation

Description: The clip reinforces the text’s discussion by showing the Strange Situation. Other viewers have asked whether it is ethical to leave a baby alone in distress--a potential debate activity?

Web Resources

Web 10.1: An Emotional Robot?

Description: This article describes the development of the first robot that can form attachments and display emotions.