Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 3.1: Menopause in Killer Whales

Description: This podcast takes a comparative look at menopause by investigating killer whales, one of only two nonhuman species to experience menopause. The scientists interviewed consider evolutionary explanations for menopause.

Audio 3.2: For Teens, Weight Loss Sculpts New Lives

Description: This podcast explores the beneficial effects of a fitness-oriented boarding school on obese teens.

Video Resources

Video 3.1: Exercise: The Fountain of Youth

Description: This video reports a CDC study showing that exercise during adulthood prevents some of the changes to telomeres associated with aging.

Web Resources

Web 3.1: Physical Development in Childhood

Description: This page provides a detailed overview of physical development during childhood. The final section outlines implications for parents and for professionals in childcare and education. An engaging video is included, highlighting children’s physical abilities. The video, however, is only illustrative, as the audio track is a musical instrument and little or no text is shown.