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Audio Resources

Audio 14.1: Tiger Parenting

Description: This podcast extends the text’s discussion of the influence of culture on parenting styles by examining a study of parenting styles in a sample of 400 Chinese American families in California. Despite its resonance in popular culture, “Tiger Parenting” is not the most common parenting style in this community, and it has some negative emotional consequences for children.

Video Resources

Video 14.1: Parental Monitoring Online

Description: This clip asks the extent to which parental monitoring should extend to a child’s online life. The clip highlights a child tracking app called MamaBear, which seems high-key helicopter.

Video 14.2: The Importance of Childhood Friendships

Description: This news clip underscores the developmental importance of childhood friendships and suggests ways that parents can teach their children about friendships.

Web Resources

Web 14.1: Why Marry? Gays and Lesbians Have Different Answers

Description: This page reports research suggesting that gay men and lesbians marry for different reasons. Gay men marry mainly to pool resources, whereas lesbians more often marry to support the rearing of children. It is difficult for gay male partners to have children because neither individual can provide an egg and carry the baby.

Web 14.2: Sandwich Generation on Steroids

Description: While the “sandwich generation” may be an exaggerated crisis from an empirical standpoint, this blog argues that the phenomenon may have more impact in the future.

Web 14.3: “Your Friend ‘Til The End”

Description: A thoughtful article offering a well-written, narrative perspective on friendship across the middle adulthood years.