Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 6.1: Vygotsky’s Social Learning Theory

Description: The key tenets of Vygotsky’s approach to cognitive development are reviewed.

Video Resources

Video 6.1: Adolescent Cognition

Description: David Elkind--the “father of adolescent egocentrism”--provides a review of adolescent cognition.

Video 6.2: Postformal Thought

Description: This video enriches the textbook’s discussion of postformal thinking with a detailed treatment of the stages of Perry’s model.

Web Resources

Web 6.1: Children’s Lying: A Good Sign?

Description: When children begin to tell lies, they have reached an important milestone in the development of cognition during early childhood--they have started to build a theory of mind.

Web 6.2: Black Teachers Improve Lives for Black Students

Description: This news article describes research finding that Black boys’ risk of dropping out drops by nearly 40% if they have just one Black teacher for a single year. The effect of just one Black teacher for 1 year was similarly found in a neighboring state.