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Journal Article 1: Infant Information Processing Predicts Thinking at 11

Description: This longitudinal investigation finds that basic information processing parameters, such as processing speed, in infants as young as 7 months of age predict executive functioning at age 11.

Journal Article 2: The Reminiscence Bump

Description: The reminiscence bump may not be a single bump. The researchers find that the size and timing of the bump depends on the type of retrieval cue that is used. The bump in odor memory, for instance, occurs earlier than the bumps found when verbal cues are used.

Journal Article 3: With Age Comes Wisdom

Description: In two decision-making experiments, older adults outperformed their younger counterparts when payoffs depended on the previous choices the participants had made. The authors conclude that older adults may benefit from the wisdom gained from a lifetime of decision-making in real-life contexts.