Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 13.1: Regendering Toys

Description: This podcast suggests that toy manufacturers are attempting to reduce the gender typing of popular toys.

Audio 13.2: Older Adults are Sexually Active

Description: This podcast reports the results of a survey of adults aged 57–85. Most older adults are sexually active, most view intimacy as an important part of life, and most are willing to talk about it.

Video Resources

Video 13.1: Gender Typing: Its Lasting Effects

Description: This clip highlights research suggesting that gender stereotypes in the media are pervasive and have long-lasting effects--partly because they are targeted at children at the precise developmental moment at which they will have the greatest impact.

Web Resources

Web 13.1: Bem Sex Role Inventory

Description: This page allows students to take a widely used self-report measure of sex roles. Students’ responses are scored automatically and instructions for interpreting scores are provided.

Web 13.2: Hookup Culture

Description: This article extends the text’s discussion of hookups by examining the ideas, rules for interaction, and organizational structures that support hookup culture. The author suggests ways that colleges and universities can change their institutional structures to help students avoid the most damaging aspects of hookup culture.