Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 8.1: The Bayley Scales

Description: This podcast highlights changes in the Bayley from Bayley-II to Bayley-III. The discussion focuses on implications of the fact that Bayley-III tends to produce higher scores overall than Bayley-II. Students might be encouraged to listen to other Nature Research podcasts available on the page.

Audio 8.2: A Minute on Dyscalculia

Description: This quick, minute-long podcast zeroes in on dyscalculia, arguing that the learning disability deserves as much attention as its better-known cousin, dyslexia.

Video Resources

Video 8.1: A Multiple-Intelligences School

Description: The video showcases a school whose curriculum is explicitly based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Web Resources

Web 8.1: Try the Weschler!

Description: Students have a chance to take the Weschler for themselves!

Web 8.2: A Child’s Brain on Poverty

Description: This article reviews research examining the effects of poverty and stressful environments on children’s developing brains. Epigenetic effects are highlighted.

Web 8.3: The Autistic Brain: Too Many Connections?

Description: This brief article describes genetic research with rodents suggesting the somewhat counterintuitive idea that autism may reflect not a deficit, but rather an excess of neural connections.