Video and Multimedia Resources

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Audio Resources

Audio 5.1: Eating Disorders in Teenage Boys

Description: This podcast highlights two teenage boys with eating disorders. Because eating disorders are much less common among boys than among girls, appropriate treatment may be difficult to find.

Video Resources

Video 5.1: College Binge Drinkers Happier?

Description: This clip reports the surprising result that binge drinking is associated with happiness in college. The presenters offer potential explanations for the result.

Video 5.2: Tripping to Prevent Falls

Description: This news article includes a video clip illustrating a technique in which older adults are made to stumble and catch themselves, thereby potentially “inoculating” themselves against future, more serious falls.

Web Resources

Web 5.1: Children with Autism: Injury Prone?

Description: This article reports archival research finding that autism spectrum disorder is associated with a greatly increased risk of injury and premature death. A brief clip of Temple Grandin describing her experience with autism is included.

Web 5.2: Preventing Dementia with Mental Stimulation

Description: A new study is reported in which older adults with an average age of 77 who reported engaging in mentally stimulating activities at least once or twice a week were less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment 4 years later. The article notes the correlational nature of the study and that other factors such as diet and exercise may contribute to the results.