Web Exercises

Web Exercise #1: Rouge Test

LO 11.1 Summarize developmental trends in self-concept from infancy through adulthood.

Chapter 11 discusses the development of self-recognition. Between 18 and 24 months, infants begin to identify themselves in a mirror. For this activity, students will perform a Google search with the words “rouge test” and click the option for video results. Watch 4 videos people have uploaded of children performing the rouge test.

  1. How old was each child? (Or do you know?)
  2. Did the child succeed in the task?
  3. If the child tried to remove the mark, was the child able to coordinate his or her hand and eyes to do so successfully? Or did the child have problems doing so using the mirror?
  4. Do you think the rouge test is a good test of self-recognition? Why or why not?


Web Exercise #2: Cultural Influences on Self-Esteem in Children and Adolescents

LO 11.2 Analyze patterns of change and correlates of self-esteem over the lifespan.

In this exercise, students should pick a country other than their own, research how children and adolescents are raised, and develop a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the contextual and cultural influences on self-esteem in that culture. Share your presentations with your classmates. Write responses to three of your classmates’ PowerPoint presentations. What did you like? What did you learn? What would you still like to know?

Web Exercise #3: The Big 5

LO 11.4 Compare and contrast the trait and stage approaches to personality.

Directions: This assignment must be completed independently. Chapter 11 discusses the Big 5 personality traits. The purpose of this activity is to think about your own personality by taking an online version of the test. Before you take this test, write down what you think is your personality type. Then take the test and discuss whether or not your personality test results are similar to or different from what you thought. If the results are different, why do you think they are? What did you learn from this exercise?

Take the test here: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/